How To Keep Your Storage Unit Organized

Published on 11/23/2021

Whether you want to declutter your home or stage items during a move, renting a storage unit is a great option. On average, nearly 10% of adults in the United States rent a storage unit every year. If you are in need of a storage unit, researching all of the options in your area is crucial before making a decision on which one to rent. 

Vacationland Self Storage can provide you with a great deal on quality storage units. Once you find the right size storage unit to meet your needs, moving your items into should be your top priority. Do you want to keep the items in your storage unit organized? If so, check out the helpful tips in this article. 

Start By Creating an Inventory List

One of the signs you will notice when it is time to rent a storage unit is clutter in your home. If you feel like it is time to put some of the things in your home in storage, then you need to consider how to keep track of what you pack. The best way to do this is by creating a detailed inventory list. Trying to remember everything you pack to take to your storage unit can be nearly impossible. 

Rather than relying on your memory, you need to develop a physical document to track this information. Not only should you make a list of what you pack, you also need to think about taking a few pictures. With this information, you can easily find treasured items when the need arises. 

Choose the Right Packing Materials

If you will need to access the items in your storage unit in the future, making it easy to find them should be one of your top priorities. Using cardboard boxes to pack your items is a mistake you should avoid. Using clear bins is a better option if you want to make finding items in your storage unit easier. 

These bins are also more durable than cardboard. If the cardboard is exposed to moisture, it will begin to fall apart. Instead of allowing your items to get damaged, you need to protect them with the help of high-quality clear storage containers. 

Save Room By Disassembling Your Furniture

Unused furniture can take up a lot of room in your home. If you have a few pieces of furniture, you want to put into storage, disassembling it is a good idea. Putting pieces of furniture in a storage unit without taking them apart can present lots of problems. Not only will this take up a lot of room, it can also leave your furniture exposed. This is why taking each piece apart and wrapping it in a blanket is a wise move. Putting the furniture near the front of your storage unit will make accessing and moving it much easier in the future. 

By putting these tips to use, you can keep your storage unit organized. If you want a great deal on storage space, Vacationland Self Storage is here to help.