How To Prepare Items For Your Self-Storage Unit

Published on 1/24/2022

Effective Ways To Declutter Your Home In the New Year

During this time of year, most people are busy trying to make their New Year’s resolutions a reality. If decluttering your home was on the top of your list of resolutions, then renting a storage unit is a good idea. With a storage unit, you can remove rarely used items from your home without having to completely get rid of them. 

As you start to amass a pile of things to put into your recently rented storage unit, you need to work on adequately preparing them for long-term storage. Are you trying to prepare items for your self-storage units? If so, check out these great tips. 

High-Quality Packing Materials Are A Good Investment

There are roughly 49,000 self-storage units located in the United States. If you are recently rented storage space to house items from your home, making sure they are properly protected should be your top priority. The first thing you need to do to make it difficult for the elements to damage your possessions is to pack them with the right materials. If you are storing breakable items like dishes or mirrors, then using bubble wrap to pack them away is crucial. 

Some people find that moving blankets add more security to mirrors if they are being stored without a box. You also need to find thicker and more durable moving boxes to use during this process. Paying a bit more for better moving boxes is worth it due to the added protection they will provide to your prized possessions. 

Disassemble Larger Items

Do you have beds, dining tables or sofas you need to put into storage? If so, you need to be smart about how you put these items in your unit. One of the main mistakes people make when housing larger items in storage units is leaving them fully assembled. Instead of making this common mistake, you need to disassemble these larger items to both save space and protect them from wear and tear. 

You need to realize that the legs that come off of beds and couches can be rigged. If they come into contact with fragile items, these pieces can cause lots of damage. This is why you need to wrap them in either blankets or towels when putting them away in your storage unit. 

Create a Detailed Inventory

Staying organized is something you need to view as a priority when packing and placing items into your storage unit. There will come a time when you need one or more of the items you put into storage. Instead of digging through all of the boxes in your unit to find what you need, create a detailed inventory. Labeling each of the boxes you put into your unit is also a great way to make finding items easier. 

Putting the tips in this article to use can help you organize and protect the items you put in storage. If you want a great deal on a storage unit, the team at Vacationland Self Storage is here to help.