Businesses That You Can Run from a Storage Unit

Published on 10/27/2021

The key component to making a new small business successful is reducing the amount of overhead you have. In 2020, over 4 million new businesses were started in the United States. If you are tired of working for someone else and want to strike out on your own, finding a business idea that doesn’t require a big investment to start is crucial. 

The commercial space needed to run a new business is generally one of the biggest expenses an entrepreneur will have to contend with. What if there was a way to run a new business from a storage unit instead of spending tons of money on renting or buying a commercial space? Luckily, there are many businesses that you can run from a storage unit and here are some of them. 

Start a New eCommerce Business Venture

Over the past two years, more consumers than ever before have bought items online. In 2020, online spending increased by over 30 percent and many analysts see no signs of this trend slowing anytime soon. If you are tech-savvy and have products you think the world would love, then starting your own eCommerce store is a great idea. Having a place where you can house items and fill orders is crucial to the success of your online business venture. 

With the help of a spacious storage unit, you can house the items you have for sale on your website. The cost of a storage unit will pale in comparison to renting a commercial space. This is why you need to think about renting a storage unit to get your online business venture off of the ground. 

Offer Handyman Services

When small home repairs arise, most people don’t have the time to fix them. In most cases, a time-strapped homeowner will seek out the help of a handyman service in their area to get this work done. If you know how to do things like repair drywall, fix a running toilet or hang pictures, starting your own handyman business is a wise move. 

The main thing you need to start one of these businesses is the right tools and a place to store them. Renting a storage unit near your home and storing your tools there is a great way to make them easily accessible. Once you have a job booked, you can make a list of the tools you need. With this list, you can stop by your storage unit, get what you need and head to your customer’s home in a timely manner. 

Sell Used Furniture 

In the past few years, platforms like Facebook have made it easy for people to make money selling used items. The Facebook Marketplace is a tool that most tech-savvy entrepreneurs use to find interested customers and make money. If you love buying and selling furniture online, then you need to have plenty of storage space at your disposal. Renting a storage unit and packing it with appealing furniture is a great long-term strategy to make money.

By renting one of the new storage units offered by Vacationland Self Storage, you can get your new business venture up and running in no time.