Signs You Need to Visit Our New Storage Facility

Published on 9/21/2021

On September 1st, Vacationland Self Storage officially opened a new facility. This facility is packed with affordable storage units. Our main goal is to provide the Maine residents with quality storage space at competitive prices. Some people fail to realize just how beneficial storage space can be. 

In fact, there are a number of problems that you can solve with the help of a spacious storage unit. Are you on the fence about whether or not you need to rent a storage unit from Vacationland Self Storage? If so, check out some of the signs below that indicate it is time to seek out a spacious storage unit to rent. 

Clutter Can Be Very Frustrating

Did you realize that the average American home has over 300,000 items in it? Over the course of a lifetime, you will collect a number of possessions. Housing the items you have acquired can grow more difficult as time passes. If you are tired of dealing with clutter and want to remove some unused items from your home, then renting a unit from Vacationland Self Storage is a must. 

A home that is cluttered will be hard to clean, which is why removing unwanted items is vital. Before you start to transport items to your new storage unit, take inventory to see what you actually need. As you pack the items you want to store, be sure to label each box. By adequately labeling these boxes, you can find possessions with ease in the future. The more organized you are during the packing process, the fewer headaches you will have to deal with in the long run.  

A Great Place To House Old Furniture

There are few things more exciting than getting new furniture. If you have recently acquired a new sofa, loveseat or recliners, you need to figure out what you are going to do with your existing furniture. Instead of throwing perfectly good furniture out, you need to think about storing it in a secure storage unit. 

If you feel like putting your existing furniture in storage is a good idea, then you need to protect these pieces. The best way to do this is by wrapping each of the pieces in plastic. This will help to keep moisture, dirt and dust off of your furniture. 

You Are About To Move

Moving to a new area can be a very exciting and stressful process. Once you pack all of the things in your existing home, having a place to store them can come in handy. With a spacious storage unit, you can stage your boxes and move them into your new home slowly. This will help to minimize clutter in your new residence and allows you to stay organized during your move. 

If you are dealing with any of the situations mentioned in this article, it is time to check out the storage units we have to offer. Our new facility is very secure, so your possessions will be safe in one of our units.